Prisoners of Germany and Prisoners of the Soviet Union

Fully one half of the Polish soldiers captured by the
Germans in 1939 would die in captivity, a fortunate
few joined the two Polish Corps as they marched
through France and Italy

This is the story of deceit on a grand scale,

the murder of millions of innocent people.

It is also about people who watched many around them die under terrible circumstances and then, through mysterious fortune, are allowed to live and even take part in the overthrow of evil.

And then, at the last moment, their greatest hope--that of returning home and building a new good life--is shattered by overwhelming political forces.

Twenty-two percent of the Polish population at the beginning of the war died during the war.

Approximately 5.3 million Poles were murdered during the German occupation, half of these were Jews.

Joseph Smuga, a private in the Polish Army, attempted escape through Rumania. His group was betrayed and turned over to the Soviets. 120,000 Polish military personnel did escape to fight in France later in the war.

These men are walking into the Soviet Union. About 250,000 Polish soldiers were taken. The officers were separated and most were killed at the Katyn Forest Massacre.