End Notes


When the war ended, we were told not to speak to anyone about our experiences. We weren't to sour relations with the Soviets, then our allies. It's also possible that the British and the Americans didn't want to be embarrassed by our story.

But time has passed. There is no forgetting what has happened. Also, there is no point in refighting those last months of the war or wishing that the British and Americans had stood up to the three million Soviet soldiers on or near Polish territory. What Stalin did was take half our country because he could and there was nothing anyone could do about it. It took the Polish people themselves fifty more years to get free of the Soviet and Communist yokes. Comments on this or on the site, please send us an email.



Searching For More Information

Search engines return thousands of links to 'Poland World War II' , 'Monte Cassino', 'Polish 2nd Corps', 'Soviet Prison Camps', fewer for 'Buzuluk' and none of those related to Polish 2nd Corps events, none at all for the Ozierano camp.



A few links:



Katyn Massacre Site--There are many, but this one describes the massacre and contains two 'photo albums' of portraits of some of the murdered men. This Katyn site contains links to photos of various memorials throughout the world. It includes dramatic photos taken on September 11, 2001with the Jersey City Katyn Memorial in the foreground and the smoking Twin Towers in the background.



A novel -- The Brief Sun -- by Robert Ambros, a pathologist who lives in New York State. Like this website, it's primarily intended for family and friends, but it's a good read and it does convey some of the emotions that people like Emilia and Joseph felt. There are a couple of other novels on the same topic, available at authorhouse.com.




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